Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Coming Soon!

Just got my photos....

Sneak Preview~!

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Saturday, August 02, 2008

Limpek + Ee Ling ( Part 3 )

- Day 2 -

Queen Victoria Market

Groceries, clothes, souvenirs etc.. ANYTHING are sold here. Groceries are relatively cheaper at noon-3pm on Saturdays ( and still fresh ) as they try to sell everything off before Sunday (normally leftovers). I love buying bananas here as sometimes it goes for 50 cents a kilo ~ especially when they've turned slightly darker.

These two again. Spicy salted chicken ribs (left) and Szechuan pork on rice ( right )

Rose Garden

Bourke st, on our way to Smith Street, where you find the branded sports wear, Nike, Adidas, New Balance, etc at factory outlet prices.

More to come!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Counter Strike!

I never thought CS would be so fun. Thanks to Wei Xiong, its in my comp now! Ruwan, WX and I played till 6 am last night. lolz. Chill.. its only 1st week of the semester... hopefully this wont go on.... *prays hard* ;)

Fast Cash Online!!

I really liked how this website put up their 'convincing' quotes.

Fast cash loans online, where Customer Service is an Attitude not a Department!

A Straight Talk No Bull Web Site

Frankly speaking, I have come across many Customer Service 'officers' who show an attitude with straight talking of 'cock and Bull' stories to get out of any situation. I'm sure you've seen and heard them before. Typical lines include, 'we'll get it done ASAP in 2 working days ( or the ambitious would say in 24 horus)', When asked why wasnt it done, typical answers include ' The technician hasn't got back to us / your application has just been sent / system failure / etc etc. After a week of waiting, you start to get frustrated, and ask to speak to the Supervisor. ' Supervisor's not around/Supervisor will look into it later/ Supervisor is on another line' etc. NEXT STEP! Speak to the MANAGER! He calls you back! WOW! but he reluctantly listens to your problem and forces you away by 'GUARANTEEing' it to be done by the next working day! Does it happen? you tell me!

However, let's give '' the benefit of the doubt. They could be practising what they preach! All you need to have is

1) an active bank account

2) employed or have a verifiable income

3) 18 years old or older

ALL the same procedures. I'm interested to find out if they all have the same outcomes!

So if you're interested in Payday loans, try it out, and do drop me a note about it!

Overnight Cash Advance

Have you ever needed cash in an emergency? Well not in the case of putting down a down-payment for a house, BUT in the cases of paying your monthly rent, paying for exam fees, or even a small gift for someone special? Pacific Advance guarantees cash advance of amounts up to $2500 overnight! To be eligible, you have to fulfill certain criteria as usual, i.e.

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4 )Not a resident of Colorado, Kansas or Georgia, W. Virginia or Nevada. All else, valid.

If you think you've fulfilled these criteria, don't wait, and apply straight away.

Before you sign off, I urge all of you to PLEASE read carefully the Terms and Conditions. Thats all I ask of you =)

as there's not a free lunch anywhere in the world!!


Tuesday, July 29, 2008

CMG - What-binds-us

Hello again,

CMG will be having their chinese musical production (What-Binds-Us) between 21st - 23rd August 2008. I'm in violin I division this time, and honestly speaking, its quite scary! Cuz there're only 2 of us, and most of the time, my desk partner(music student) isn't free for rehearsals! So I'll be playing the solo parts. It has been quite OKAY so far, but I can see the challenge already. SO MANY HIGH NOTES + weird timings ( modern music )! They're really nice though, you can have a look from here. I try to practise before rehearsals, just to know what the notes sound like! ANd these are all original music, so nobody has heard it before, even the conductor! Its really cool though, as we put our own interpretations whenever we feel like it. Well, at least not until the conductor corrects you, you're doing fine! If only the music can be written this way..

Composed by ......
Arr. by .....
Lyrics by ....
Interpreted by ...TSE HAN..ahhaha. nah..

There are 4 sessions available.all tix are 12 dollars if bought from me ( I give discounts!~)

21st - 7pm Union Theater

22nd - 7pm "

23rd - 2 pm "

23rd - 7 pm "

PLease come and support us, or at least ME! =)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Limpek + Ee Ling (Part 2)

I used the computer in Uni today, thats how I got all the pics uploaded. And they had Adobe Photoshop CS2 in it as well, so i tried some captions. Oh, the photos were really bad. I think I made some manual settings to the camera and didn't change it back.. Thats why the pics were so blur. It looked Awesome on the camera screen tho.. mana tau...

First stop, Docklands...

Ee Ling filled us in with her sense of humour throughout the trip, especially those 'potato falling down' kinda jokes if you remember~! *internal joke*

Supposed to be the next 'harbour view' of Australia, after Sydney. But some people says that the area is still a glut; overpriced and unpopular. That is why they reached out to Msians and Singaporeans for Investment in their properties. People speculate that the area should develop in 5 years.

This is the view from Crown Casino, facing Yarra River. And the person in the picture is ME~! YES, I was touring as well.

Another Picture together. It was so bright as the flames just 'burst out??' from the tiang?. haha. i'm lost for words. please correct this. its embarrassing! It only occurs every hour for about 2 minutes.

Look at these two pictures. Aww. they both have the same signature pose. They'll look so cute together. lolz. *please dun kill me*

Calm and collected me. Intersection of Flinders and Swanston. Opposite Federation Square.

Steps at Federation Square. Taken by Ee Ling.

Grin of the devil. He wanted it that way...

Using Colour filter on my Canon IXUS 860 while waiting to catch a tram back home. Freddo's was closed by 11pm that night so went back instead.

Thats the end of their first day. More coming on day 2~!


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Melbourne and Around - Limpek + Eeling (Part 1)

2nd July 08 -

2 friends from the neighbouring states, Limpek ( Canberra ,ACT ) and Ee Ling ( Adelaide, SA ) arrived here at my place. Me being me, I always liked to make full use of the tram tix I validate. So the night before, I planned routes around Melbourne CBD, including those that I have NEVER been before(outskirts), killing 3 birds with one stone! There was an issue, these two obviously didnt know each other since they were from different high schools and colleges. So how?

Dun care. More importantly I save money. muahhhaha.

Thank God for the world being so small! These two jokers were formerly Primary classmates in Puay Chai! All issues seized!! Woohoo..and then starts the tour..

Crown Casino facing Yarra River

To be continued...
sorry! uploading pics damn slow la.

Weird Random posts...

Hello people,

You guys must be wondering why are there weird posts on Probate loans etc. Truth is, I get paid US$5 dollars for doing each post. I just got paid today. woohoo.. small amount i know. but its just writing anyway. now I can start planning on my shopping list! XD

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chinese Music Group (CMG), University of Melbourne

Hi guys,

I'll be playing in the orchestra for this coming Production ' What-Binds-us ', written and produced originally by CMG. This group comprises enthusiastic students of various educational backgrounds who sit together to produce something so intricate and professional; all derived purely from talent and passion! I have to say that I'm extremely inspired by them, even though I haven't seen or had any rehearsals with them yet *smacks on the forehead* (LOL), but trust me, THEY ARE DAMN GOOD!

Honestly speaking, I have no idea how good their musicals were and auditioned for experience sake initially. But ever since I visited their website, and heard their previous soundtracks, I have a totally different perspective to the group now. I feel really honored being part of them. Quick click and stream their OST of Tails on their website, and you'll be mesmerized by how talented these students are. Remember, its a student production! I really like the song 'rest in peace' for its composition. The other songs are really good too, it shows diversity in their compositions.

Anyway, semester 2 is going to start on the 28th of July, and I can already see how busy I will be, playing in 3 orchestra ( might be 4 , subject to availability ). I'm still in the midst of choosing my subjects which is typically super hard for me. But for once, I'm proud to say, I CANT WAIT FOR UNI TO RESUME!



My mom was once working with TTDI development, and it was then that I heard of many contractors 'running' away with their customers' money. It was getting so rampant that most Projects had to suffer delays, or worse put to a complete halt. One of it still exists till now, this Old+semi complete building sitting right next to TTDI Hills, eye sore to many, but A retreat for some adventurous friends of mine, who brave their way up just for a better view of Fireworks.

I have never heard of any legal rights/actions pertaining to such mishaps till recently when I came across this website, while browsing for the jargon 'Lien'. (Lien is a law jargon which actually means The right to take and hold or sell the property of a debtor as security or payment for a debt or duty extracted from Only difference is, this company (''Prolien' on the website) represents the contractors! I guess time has changed. Contractors are protected against clients who arent in the position to pay.

When do you need Prolien? in a nutshell.

>contractors built your house

>they put hard work and effort into it

>physical and mental labour involved

>most of the time under less-than-ideal conditions (not in Aussie tho, LOL)

>and so they deserve to be paid fairly

>and not taken advantage of

>If the above is not met, that's when Prolein steps in, within 20 days notice.

I'm not studying law btw, just curious! =)